Entry Doors Checklist

Your entry door is an extension of your home and hospitality. We designed this guide to help you find the right one. There’s even a handy checklist here for you to fill out and bring into a store when you’re ready to shop.

Here’s how to shop for entry doors

Start with the basics.

Not sure where to begin? By the end of this guide, you should be able to walk into a Lowe’s store with an idea of what you want.

Make your own checklist.

As you’re learning about entry doors, use our checklist to keep track of things you’d like to discuss with a Lowe’s specialist.

When you’re ready, talk to us.

We’ve got entry door experts ready to help you in the Doors aisle. We can give you an installation quote while you’re there.

Masonite Entry Door Transom Sidelights

Consider going pro.

Skip the hassle of needing to accurately measure your entry door.

You don’t have to worry about accidentally voiding your warranty.

A pro will clean up the mess and dispose of your old door.

Schedule an appointment*Product availability varies upon region.

If you go DIY, here’s how to measure your entry door.


Measure the distance between the edge of one side of the door to the edge of the other side of the door.


Next, measure the distance between the top edge of the door to the bottom edge of the door. Don’t include any weatherproofing or sealing on the bottom of the door.


Measure the width of the frame, from edge to edge, across the existing door frame. Ignore any door trim.

Learn about our different types of entry doors.

How your entry door functions is just as important as its style. Consider how much room you need when it opens, and how much light you want to shine through.

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